The Easiest Way to Make Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Most casinos offer several different banking options. When I first started making payments to these venues, I wasn't sure what service to use. There are e-wallets and banking services like PayPal, along with credit cards, debit cards, and even wire transfers. Some methods carry fees and some are completely free. Some are immediate, while others take several business days to process and credit.

Credit cards are probably the most used method of payment at online casinos, but that doesn't mean they're the best choice. Depending on your cardholder agreement, you may pay a hefty amount in fees and interest. Using a credit card may also present problems when you're ready to withdraw your money because most won't accept deposits. At some sites, you'll have to use the same banking option for deposits and withdrawals. In certain countries, credit card companies and banks do not allow payments to gambling websites at all.

Most casinos prefer that players use an e-Wallet service to make convenient deposits and withdrawals. E-wallets act as middlemen between your bank or credit card company and the merchants that you do business with. When you use this type of service, the gambling site never directly handles your account number and your bank has much less information about the merchant so it is safer and more reliable for many players. Several e-wallets are available, including NETELLER, Skrill, Ukash, and Click2Pay. In fact, Bodog deposits are some of the most secure and recommended.

The biggest downfall to using an e-wallet is that withdrawals may still not be immediately available to you. To avoid any delays on all of my casino transactions, I use an e-wallet along with my Maestro card. This works well with PayPal too. Transfer funds from your PayPal or Maestro account with your e-wallet, and then use your e-wallet to make your casino deposit. I make Bodog withdrawals using the same method. I used NETELLER to process the withdrawal and then sent the money from my e-wallet to Maestro. Then I could use my Maestro debit card to spend my winnings. This is a preferred banking option for Bodog deposits as well as withdrawals.