Enjoy Kentucky Derby the 'Kentucky' Way

kentucky derby

If you're ever visiting Kentucky on one of your impeding holiday trips, then you'd definitely want to take note of going to the popular Kentucky Derby that will surely give you one stunning experience to remember. This derby from Louisville, Kentucky, had already become a part of the place's culture and tradition ever since it started on the year 1800s. It involved 20 fast jockeys, rigorously competing to place themselves on the prestigious top four to reach the finish line first. Add this to the fact that the derby is always held on the Churchill Downs' Racetrack, one of the most historical and eye-opening places in Kentucky, and you'll surely find yourself convinced that it's a must-see for every travelers and visitors out there.

However, to truly enjoy the Kentucky derby the 'Kentucky Way', and revel on an experience like no other wherein you'll feel as if you're a local of the place, then you'd definitely have to follow some tips that will give you the best experience on the place ever. The tips that will be mentioned ranges from everything you do when on the racetrack already.

Your fashion statement is incredibly important when in the Kentucky Derby. The more expensive seat you have, the more formal you should look. But when formal is mentioned, it doesn't mean boring old suits and such - it means that you'll have to get on with the tradition of wearing pastel colors that will surely ooze a festive and vibrant vibe all while being conservative.

You'll also be able to notice that hats on the event are all stunning and unique which is also an important part of the tradition. You'll also be required to have a long walk to reach the place and if you're on heels, you should have a flip flops on your arsenal. If you're going to bring purses as well, keep in mind that it needs to be 12x12 inches only. With these, plus others you may see on the internet, you'll surely have a fun time at Kentucky.