Bodog Casino Announces New Quick Seat Feature

May 26, 2017

As a renowned betting entity we at Bodog Casino pushed new boundaries with our latest recreational poker model making it a global first. This latest innovate step creates a level playing field for punters with a newly designed all-table "Bodog Quick Seat" feature.


The "Quick Seat" feature for cash game was introduced during Bodog Casino's latest software update. This new characteristic prevents gamers from selecting the table where they wish to be seated. Instead, players are now allocated to a seat at a cash game table based on their selection of game and wagering level.

As a prominent online casino, Bodog has always recognised the importance of our recreational players. This establishment was the first online poker site to pioneer site-wide anonymous tables in 2011 and as Bovada Poker, the enterprise was frequently updating its security measures to counteract collusion and cheating.

Why Bodog Casino implemented the Quick Seat Feature

Basically what the Bodog Quick Seat feature does, it permits punters to quickly join a table that meets set parameters. It's a feature preferred by players who aren't selective about the tables they desire to play and sometimes disapproved by punters who join a table founded on figures that are traditionally offered.

Cash Game Players will now be bereaved of access to table information such as the average pot size and player per flop when the Bodog Quick Seat feature is instigated. The reason Bodog bought into this all anonymous tables universally was for the reason that professional punters purchase hand-data, via their screen name, and use that information against recreational players. This isn't being a professional player, it's deceitful. Worse than that, a lot of these genuinely, recreational players don't even know it's happening.

While being eliminated for cash games, average pot size and players per flop statistics will still be exhibited for Zone Poker tables. The existing lobby for tournaments and sit and go's will remain unaffected.

To some degree, punters won't yearn for picking out tables as much as they would on other sites. Even though players will by no means be able to join a table founded on an exciting average pot range or high flop calculation, players were in the past powerless to join tables against their favourite punters. This is due to recreational player-friendly policies such as universal Anonymous Tables, no waiting lists and mysterious full tables.


Players visiting Bodog's Poker's cash game lobby will no longer catch a glimpse of the customary assortment of cash game tables to decide on, but will instead have to go through a two-step process of game and stake selection in order to obtain a seat at a table.

The first phase questions players what game type they desire (Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha Hi or Texas HoldĀ“em), what game format they want (No Limit, Pot Limit or Fixed Limit) and whether they want to play at a heads-up, 6-Max or full ring table. In the second phase, punters decide on their stake limit and a number of funds they want to bring to the table.

Sorry to say, there is no option to opt for multiple tables (i.e. more than one table at a time), or a game over a range of stakes (i.e. $0.05/$0.10 to $0.10/$0.25). Punters desiring to play at multiple tables and/or stakes will have to repeat the procedure to get seated at more than one table. The changes do not affect Zone Poker, Sit & Go games or multi-table tournaments.

The introduction of the Bodog Quick Seat features has drawn criticism and praise, like many of the establishments previous alterations to level the playing field. Some punters enjoy the new interface, while others object to it, criticising that it prevents them from picking out the loosest tables and juiciest games and that it encourages ratholing - the act of exiting a table after a big win and joining a new table with regular chip stack.

In the long run, this latest amendment will lessen the odds of two or more players in contact with other being seated at the same table and being able to collude against other players. It produces a fairer online poker encounter for all with the exception of those who want to cheat. The Quick Seat Features adds to the protection that Ignition Poker provides for its new and recreational players.

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