Thumbs Up For Bitcoin At Bodog Casino

Feb. 17, 2017

Bodog Casino gives a thumbs-up for Bitcoin, a ground-breaking new approach to relocate funds all over the Internet.

Indulging in a game of chance online, using Bitcoin is the latest trend in the industry. Numerous gambling entities began accepting Bitcoin as a payment technique and more will follow soon. If you are new to Bitcoin gambling, then you are in for an amazing ride of your life.

Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that has, since inception, had a meteoric rise across the globe. The currency is unlike traditional currencies, for the reason that it operates without a central bank. It is a hybrid form of currency and commodity that trades 24/7 around the world and with a currency of your preferred choice; whether it be Euro, USD, or any other currency. It is dispensed peer-to-peer and all funds are placed in safekeeping in a "wallet" (like a digital bank) - think of it as electronic cash that you can use to forward money to friends or merchants. Bitcoin allows players the ultimate power to control their money and the liberty to do whatever they like with their funds. It's safe, reliable, fast and ideal for use at Bodog Casino.

Making Bitcoin deposits are effortless and quick. Start by creating an account with an online wallet and fill out all the required fields. Verify your information by providing them with your government issued ID. Validate your bank account by registering your information and confirming the micro deposit sent to you. Settle on the currency you want to exchange into Bitcoin and allocate the funds via your bank account or a credit card. We suggest using one if the following exchange services: Coinbase, CEX, Krakle, Qudadrigacx, Coinjar and BTA. Next you need to select your deposit method. On the Deposit Page, pick Bitcoin as your payment method and insert the amount to make a deposit. On the address page, the Bodog Bitcoin address will be noticeable on the screen below the exchange rate. Now highlight the address and copy it. To deposit funds and complete the transaction on your laptop or desktop computer, click the Launch Bitcoin Wallet icon and paste the Bodog Bitcoin address into your wallet. To create a mobile deposit, launch your Bitcoin wallet app on your tablet or smartphone and scan the QR code.

One of the greatest expenditures of running an online casino, or any betting site is payment processing. On each occasion when a punter deposits funds using a debit card, credit card, bank account or e-wallet - such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal - there is a fee for employing their service. In almost all occasions, transactions are administered free of charge using Bitcoin. This is one of the foremost incentives that this deposit method is so appealing. Deposit and withdrawals are free, in effect eradicating payment-processing costs. This provides Bodog Casino to opportunity to presents clientele with additional funds intended for deposit bonuses as well as promotions, but most significantly - it permits the site to award the finest payouts around the globe for online casino bettors.

If you've been delaying for the ideal moment to put Bitcoin to the test, Bodog Casino provides you with the perfect opportunity! In next to no time you'll be wondering how you ever operated without it.