The various NHL Betting odds available on Bodog

Nov. 11, 2015 is able to provide a number of online games as entertainment with no payments. Poker, casino and sports are all available in this site. Players can bet on major sports when they register so that they can get awarded with great prizes. Blackjack, roulette, and video poker, are some of the casino games offered by site. Hockey game is one of the most recognized sports in Canada and is also offered by, it is a very exciting game to watch and place your wagers one. The major types of hockey to bet on include Canadian line betting, moneyline betting and game total betting, there are also other betting options on hockey which include parlays, props, futures and many others. Placing a bet on hockey is very similar to betting on baseball. You can bet on hockey using the total goals scored method for example, if you score over 4.5 goals, you are able to earn around -180 points. If your score is under 4.5 goals, you get a score of over +210. Since time immemorial the most common goals in hockey playing were 4.5, however, all bookmarkers had to raise the NHL lines for about 90 goals. Money lines are the most well-known betting lines.

The money line in hockey is similar to the money line in other sports. With this type of bet, you're putting money down on the team you think will win. There is not any point spread involved, However, there is a preferred point, which is indicated by a minus (-) sign. The underdog has a plus (+) sign next to their label. There are a variety of promotions offered by the Bodog .net; there is a 100% sports welcome bonus, $600 sign up casino bonus, and the refer-a-friend bonus. However, in hockey betting games standings are most likely considered more than the winnings. There are a variety of betting odds that were put together for the year 2015-2016 by the bodog entertainment include Anaheim Ducks, Over/Under 49½, Arizona Coyotes ,Over/Under 27½, Boston Bruins, Over/Under 42½, Buffalo Sabres, and Over/Under 28½ among many others. Players were supposed to bet on Winnipeg, buffalo and Florida.

Betting by hokey online players contribute to about 4% of the total bodong's revenue.